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Together, the couple had twins and got married. This was because the twins’ birth dates, coupled with the fact that they were adopted together, was just not enough information to track them down. I want them to know that I have never stopped trying to get them.". It's very difficult. Connor has won numerous awards from journalism organizations including the Deadline Club and the New York Press Club. When his tour ended three years … Before Thomas left South Korea, he had legally adopted a third child of Connie’s from a previous relationship, Jae-Im. The post was shared more than 1 million times, with prayers, encouragement and leads pouring in from around the world. Snackable content that delights, informs and entertains. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. He told "20/20" he figured it was just a matter of time before he could cut through the red tape, and he continued to support his family in Korea from the United States. Visit The Veterans Site and click today - it's free! Thomas said Connie got in touch one last time in 1974, sending him a letter in which she offered to hand over the twins, then 7 years old, if Thomas would come back to Korea to get them. February 4, 1974 With the help of ABC News’ Seoul Bureau Chief Joohee Cho, Slaton set about unpicking the mystery of the Thomas twins. But the good times were, sadly, not to last. There, Thomas said he met a woman named Pae Seong-Kuem at the Non-Commissioned Officer's Club. He had no idea it would be the last time he would see his twins for nearly half a century. More than 40 years later, the veteran has turned to social media in an effort to locate his long-lost children, who were put up for adoption after he returned to the United States. "We were corresponding and she kept asking for money so I kept sending her money," Thomas said. The two engaged in a beautiful love affair that produced twins, a boy and a girl, Sandra and James. Register Start a Wiki. — -- U.S. Army veteran Allen Thomas has been searching for his twin children for nearly half a century, and finally, his search is over. "I want to share our family health history with them, because some of it is serious. So it was that Thomas divorced Connie in her absence and married Paquin – as well as adopting her children, Scott and Charlene. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Or write about sports? Do you have a sports website? in Morgantown, NC That’s because a series of events in the following years would blow Allen’s life apart and send him on a journey that can only be described as epic. "It's just gut-wrenching," his daughter said. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. In January 1971, he took a 30-day leave and traveled from Vietnam to Korea for a visit. September 10, 1967 was likely one of the happiest days of Allen Thomas’ life. Thomas was widowed about 10 years ago, and the retired factory worker recently moved from Colorado to live with Roberts and her husband in Mossyrock, Washington, about two hours from Seattle. When American soldier Allen Thomas waved goodbye to his twins at an airport in Korea in 1971, he had no idea it would be the last time he would see them. Arthur Allan Thomas (born 2 January 1938) is a New Zealand man who was granted a Royal Pardon and compensation after being wrongfully convicted of the murders of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe in June 1970. Cities nationwide bracing for violence on Election Day that's peaceful -- so far, Virus hospitalizations surge as pandemic shadows US election, ANDREW PAPARELLA, ERIC M. STRAUSS, ASTRID RODRIGUES and ALEXA VALIENTE, Allen Thomas was serving in South Korea when he had twins, a boy and a girl, with a woman he called "Connie.". But, as it turned out, things weren’t that simple. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? However, with the help of "20/20," Thomas was recently reunited with his twins for the first time over than 40 years. Please support The Veterans Site by adding us to your ad blocker’s whitelist – ads help us to provide food and supplies to veterans. All rights reserved. This year, however, Thomas’ search took a new turn after he asked the Facebook community for help. We present them here for purely educational purposes. "I was all for it.". They also reached out to the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, which was started by Pulitzer-winning "The Good Earth" author to assist children overseas. But at the time, Thomas and his second wife were going through bankruptcy and could not come up with the money to bring them over, despite appeals to the Army and Red Cross, according to a 1980 letter to his local congressman. Allen Thomas' daughter sheds tears after finally being reunited with her father after over 40 years. “I’ve been looking for a long time,” he said. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy. However, it seems that the massive distance between them began to affect their relationship. And so, after arranging initial phone calls between Thomas and the twins, Slaton and the 20/20 show brought the family members back together for an emotional reunion in New York. No doubt this came as a huge blow to Thomas, whose attempts to find his children were increasingly hitting dead ends. Provide food and supplies to veterans at The Veterans Site for free! On that day, after almost 50 years of not knowing who their biological father was, Parker and Williams were overwhelmed with emotion. But he never forgot about his other family. But before his wife's paperwork was ready, the marriage "disintegrated," Roberts said. He then adopted her two children from a previous relationship — Roberts and her brother — before going on to have a third child. The Allen twins, Charles Thomas Allen and John Christoper Allen, portrayed Ben, Ross Geller's and Carol Willick's son as a young child. Allen Thomas received this letter from the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, which confirmed that Thomas' his twins were adopted into the United States in 1976. But when Thomas’ tour ended in 1969, his family slowly began to fall apart. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Position: Outfielder Bats: Left • Throws: Left 6-0, 190lb (183cm, 86kg) Born: February 4 ... Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins. And it was in Seoul that he would meet someone who would change his life forever. Army vet Allen Thomas became a father of twins while stationed in South Korea. The Veterans Site is a place where people can come together to support our veterans. Then they tried Facebook "and it's gone into turbo-mode," Roberts said. "It's all I had all these years, so I just, wherever I went [the photos] went," Thomas, 68, told ABC News' "20/20.". U.S. Army veteran Allen Thomas has been searching for his twin children for nearly half a century, and finally, his search is over. And it was only sweetened by the arrival of James and Sandra in September 1967. A letter from the Pear S. Buck Foundation to Allen Thomas. Their reunion was filmed and is thrilling to watch. By the time the couple got back on their feet financially, it was too late. Allen Thomas is searching for his long-lost twins, James and Sandia, who were born in Korea in 1967. "I want the kids to see it and I want them to know he's been looking for them," Roberts told NBC News on Tuesday. So when Thomas’ tour came to an end in 1969, the stage seemed set for the newlyweds and their children to begin their life together in the U.S. Indeed, Thomas’ last correspondence with Connie was a letter sent in 1974 in which Connie asked Thomas to return and take James and Sandra to America with him. Some high school data is courtesy David McWater. What’s more, a year later and Thomas had married Connie and adopted the son she’d had in a previous relationship. Additionally, Jae-Im and his wife were able to shed a little light on Connie’s behavior after her marriage to Thomas had begun to break down. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. $3,508 raised of $20,000 10 days left. I was really, really super proud.". Thank you. All Thomas knew was that the twins had been taken to America in 1976, meaning that they were either eight or nine when they were adopted. She started helping him use the Internet to reignite his search for the twins, but there was no progress. In 1974, the mother of the twins contacted him one last time with an offer to relinquish Sandia and James, who were also called Sandra and Jamie. Thomas said their birth mother later put them up for adoption without his knowledge, and they were lost to him. His children were put up for adoption and Thomas didn’t see them again for over 40 years. "My dad doesn't cry, but this has ripped his heart out. I was highly upset,” Thomas explained to ABC News. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account?


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