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    Điều khiển nguồn Thyristor Hanyoung 35A TPR-2N-220-35A

    Điều khiển nguồn Thyristor Hanyoung 35A TPR-2N-220-35A

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    Bộ điều khiển nguồn TPR-2N-220-35A

    - Nhiều tín hiệu ngõ vào

    - Nhỏ gon, dễ dàng lắp đặt

    - Điều khiển pha/ chu kỳ/ ON/OFF

    Suffix code

     Model Code Information
    TPR-2N Single phase power regulator
    Power supply voltage 110   110 V AC. 50/60 ㎐(dual usage)
    220   220 V AC. 50/60 ㎐(dual usage)
    Rated current 25 25 A
    35 35 A
    Control Method : Phase control(factory default)


    W X H X D 92 X 100.2 X 131.6
    Function • Soft Start / Soft Down • Slope setting
    Display method Output indication by the LED
    Control method Phase control, Cycle control(switch selection), ON/OFF control
    Movement type • Soft start / Soft down. (time : 0 ~ 50sec)
    Applying load Resistive load and inductive load (selection by the switch, TPRF: selection by the parameter)
    Rated current 25, 35 A
    Power supply voltage 110, 220 V AC
    Power frequency 50/60 Hz (dual usage)
    Min load 0.5 A
    Control element TRIAC
    Control input 4 - 20 ㎃ (1 - 5 V) DC, ON/OFF, external volume
    External volume Manual setting volume(B 10 KΩ)
    Insulation resistance Min 20 MΩ, 500 V DC (input terminal-power terminal)
    Dielectric strength 2,000 V, for 1 min (input terminal-power terminal)
    Cooling method Natural cooling
    Ambient temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃ (Refer to the load current characteristic)
    Ambient humidity 35 ~ 85 % RH. (No condensation allowed)
    Storage temperature -25 ~ 70 ℃
    Weight(g) Approx 960
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