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    Công tắc hành trình Hanyoung HY-LS808N

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    - Công tắc hành trình họ N.

    - Dòng điện định mức: 6 A 250 V a.c , 4 A 30 V d.c (AC-12, AC-13, AC-15, DC-13)


    Model Roller plunger Push plunger Roller arm Roller Adjustable Lever Adjustable Rod Lever Roller Lever
    HY-LS802N HY-LS803N HY-LS803RN HY-LS804N HY-LS807N HY-LS808N
    Contact structure M3 screw tightening terminal, 2 circuits double type (1a1b)
    Contact material AgNi
    Protective structure IP54 (Only when using our company product HYC-M1, M2 in the wire opening)
    Rated current(le) 6 A 250 V a.c, 4 A 30 V d.c (AC-12, AC-13, AC-15, DC-13)
    Dielectric strength 2,000 V a.c 50/60 ㎐ for 1 min (between the terminal and non-recharing metal part)
    Insulation resistance Min 100 ㏁ (500 V d.c insulated ohmmeter)
    Contact resistance Max 25 ㏁ (default value)
    Rated voltage(Ue) 250 V a.c, 30 V d.c
    Actuator intensity 5 times larger than O.F (required force for the operation), operating direction 1 min
    Vibration Double amplitude 1.5mm, frequency 10 ~ 55 ㎐, continuously 2 hour
    Shock 100 ㎨ (durability), 50 ㎨ (malfunction)
    Allowable operation speed 0.1 ~ 0.5 ㎧ (without damaging the actuator)
    Mechanical Min 1 million times (less than open/close frequency 120 times/min)
    Electrical Min 100 thousand times (less than open/close frequency 30 times/min)
    Ambient temperature -10 ~ 70 ℃
    Ambient humidity 45 ~ 95 % R.H.
    Weight Approx 60g (HY-LS803N)
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