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    Bộ mã hóa vòng quay Autonics E68S15-1024-6-L-5

    Bộ mã hóa vòng quay Autonics E68S15-1024-6-L-5

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    * Đường kính Ø68mm, Trục Ø15mm
    * Tần số đáp ứng tốc độ cao: 180kHz
    * Loại kết nối bằng giắc cắm
    * Thích hợp cho các máy công cụ
    * Cấu trúc IP64 (Chống thấm nước một phần, Chống thấm dầu)
    * Khả năng chịu tải của trục cao (Tải cho phép nặng 10kgf)

    Specification Table

    Item Diameter ø68mm shaft type of incremental rotary encoder
    Resolution(P/R) ※1 500, 600, 1024
    Electrical specification Output phase A, A(bar), B, B(bar), Z, Z(bar) pahse
    Phase difference of output Phase difference between A and B : T/4 ± T/8 (T=1cycle of A phase)
    Control output • Low - Load current : Max. 20mA, Residual voltage : Max. 0.5VDC
    • High - Load current : Max. -20mA, Output voltage : Min. 2.5VDC
    Response tlme(Rise/Fall) Max. 0.5㎲(Cable : 1m, I sink = 20mA)
    Power supply 5VDC ± 5%(Rlpple P-P : Max. 5%)
    Max. Response frequency 180kHz
    Current consumption Max. 50mA(disconnection of the load)
    Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC megger) (Between all terminals and case)
    Dielectric strength 750VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute(Between all terminals and case)
    Connection Connector type(MS3102A20-29P)
    Starting torque 1.5kgf·cm(Max. 0.15N·m)
    Shaft loading Radial: 20kgf, Thrust: 10kgf
    Max. allowable revolution※2 6500rpm
    Vibration 1.5mm amplitude or 300m/s2 at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 2 hours
    Shock Approx. Max. 50G
    Environment Ambient temperature -10 to 70℃, storage : -25 to 85℃
    Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH, storage : 35 to 90%RH
    Protection IP65(IEC standard)
    Unit weight Approx. 550g

    ※1: The number of pulse, output type not indicated in the resolution is available to order.
    ※2: Make sure that. Max response revolution should be lower than or equal to max. allowable revolution when selecting the resolution.
    [Max. response revolution(rpm) = Max. response frequency / Resolution ×60 sec]
    ※ Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.




    User's Guide

    Caution for your safety


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